Killer Soup(Hindi series on Netflix) Review

Killer Soup
(Hindi series on Netflix) Review

    The whole idea of a black ‘comedy’ is that it is meant to be funny, and that it makes you laugh (or smile at least), but here you'd keep waiting for the laughs.  

     Abhishek Chaubey’s (Udta Punjab, Dedh Ishqia, etc) black comedy series is stocked with buffoonery and childish performances. By the end, Killer Soup is either burnt or overcooked. It's a case of lousy script and sloppy direction.

     Konkona Sen is a seasoned actor but could do wonders with better comic timing. Manoj Bajpayi in a double role seems to try too hard for humour but often ends up as flat as a pancake. All in all, I liked Nasser as the investigating police officer and Sayaji Shinde, the brash and loud elder brother of Manoj, for the honesty in performance. 

      A highly 'skippable' show.
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