Rohit Shetty latest Release Indian Police force Analysis

⬜ So, Rohit Shetty takes a leap into the OTT world with Delhi Police in the limelight. If you have a soft spot for the cinematic sensibilities (or, the lack of it) of the '80s, this show is your destination. Marvel at Shetty's action sequences that look unreal in most parts and become stunningly surreal in others (5th episode at 17- 19th minute – the riot sequence is a masterpiece). 

⬜ Siddharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi and Shilpa Shetty fit the bill —neither more. The dialogues might seem clap-worthy, but fortunately, there's no multiplex gathering where people unite to applaud these cringey lines or VFX aided destruction scenes.

⬜ It's the same old story we've witnessed in countless movies – utterly predictable and somewhat boring. Yet, if you feel the urge, go ahead and watch it on Amazon Prime; consider it a nostalgic replay of a mishmash of some vintage films.

Written by : Sanjiva Sahai 

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