Sanjiv R Singh upcoming film Rangeela Daruwala!

Mumbai: Sanjiv R Singh upcoming film Rangeela Daruwala!

Who is Sanjiv R Singh?

Sanjiv R Singh on Set Rangeela Daruwala!

Sanjiv R Singh was born in Banka, a small village in Bihar, after completing his graduation in Bihar, he came to Mumbai and here he completed his degree Bachelor of Applied Art from JJ College of Art. He stepped in as a cinematographer and worked in a lot of ad films and feature films and in 2020 he has also entered the world of direction he has also signed some films as a Director and Cinematographer too!

Sanjiv R singh is coming up with Hindi Feature Film as comedy comedy genre film as Debut Director so "he says we are making this film for only Entertainment ".

Sanjiv R Singh 
Here are some Filmography!

Pocket Gangsters Cinematographer(as Sanjiv Singh) in 2015

Dil Maane Na Cinematographer(as Sanjiv Singh) in 2018

Sakhya Re Kadhi Yeshil Cinematographer(as Sanjiv Singh) in 2018

Gauraiya (2022) as DOP Gauraiya 

Now Sanjiv R Singh is coming up with Comedy Film name Rangeela Daruwala.

 Sanjiv R Singh is with Lead Actress Ganga Adhikari from set of Rangeela Daruwala!

Let us tell you Rangeela Daruwala is now in post Production very soon it will Release in Theaters !

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