Ranbir Kapoor on Ramayana and portraying Lord Ram | Latest Interview

 Ranbir Kapoor on Ramayana and portraying Lord Ram!

 what dose he say on his latest zoom call now and what he want to do and what he is doing right now he says all things Read this!

“um but nothing I've liked and also like I mentioned earlier I always wanted to take this paternity leave uh you know take some time off um so it all happened at the right time uh right now my focus is just to kind of spend time with my daughter I have uh uh you know changed a lot of my lifestyle I have quit smoking drinking I have I have become vegetarian I'm doing a lot of yoga meditation so I'm really trying to clean up my life you know entering my 40s you know trying to be uh healthy for my kid healthy for myself uh so I think I'm really focusing on myself right now but hopefully I will like something by the end of this month or by next month hopefully if the ramayan project if everything works out that will be my next film um but like right right now I can't commit right now to you because it's all up in the air there's nothing finalized it is it is such a humongous project you know in in its in its vision and what it means to not just the country to the entire world and they want to make it in the best way, possible give a correct representation of the of the of the tale of the characters of what ramayan is um so right now I don't know it's it's kind of in the in limbo um but yeah I hope it works out because I think it'll it'll really be a privilege and an honor you know to uh toh play Lord RAM and to play him in in in its authenticity and the best way possible yeah” !

He will do Ramayana but right now he is spending time to his Family and daughter!

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